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Aug 5


Last weekend when I stopped by Taco Bell in Koramangala after grocery shopping, I noticed that aside from the order counter, there was this atm-like machine, a self-order booth, that accepts order and payment. As a techie, I removed myself from the queue and instead tried the machine. At first, it was good and fast, it was able to take my order and very user-friendly, however, when the part that I had to swipe my card to pay came, everything went wrong. I think I spent a good 10 minutes just keep on trying and trying again and again, and in the end, a Taco Bell employee had to come and process the order manually, back to the ole cash register machine.


I admire Taco Bell’s effort on trying to keep up with the technology when it comes to providing faster customer service, however, it would have been much better if they’d ensure that the machine works before unveiling it to the public, to avoid this kind of blog post, like what I’m writing now, it could have been good for their publicity if I’m writing a positive review about that machine than the opposite. For sure, they’ll be returning back that box to wherever it came from.

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