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Feb 22

The visit to the fish festival, Mathsya Mela 2011, was not only a feast for the eyes but also for the stomach.  Upon arrival to the event, the big food court was the first stop for the eager visitors as we were led by the sweet smelling seafood aroma that escaped from the entrance of the food court.


I couldn’t resist myself as I came prepared, I did not have my lunch before going to the fish festival even it was already past noon. As I entered the huge place surrounded by food stalls that offered different seafood dishes, I started to walk and inspect every stalls to my liking.

First stop, I saw the familiar seafood dishes, the breaded and coated fish, prawn, crab, and shrimp. I pass by from that stalls since I was looking for something that can make me full. I saw one stall that was overflowing with eager-eaters. So, I followed the crowd. Here it is, I ordered a fish biryani, seer fish fry, and prawn fry.


The biryani was good, it was seasoned properly and the fish tasted like chicken, I wonder what kind of fish it was. The prawn fry was over-fried. It seemed like I was eating a rubber. The seer fish fry was good, but it was too spicy.

After I finished my lunch, I proceeded to explore more of the event. There were more than 100 stalls displaying different crafts and products, all related to fish, fishing, fish-farming, and aquariums. I spent several hours visiting one stall to another. There was also a big tunnel display of different aquarium fishes from freshwater to marine ornamental fish.

mathsya-mela-cooking-demo mathsya-mela-cooking

Later that day, there were two chefs from a famous restaurant here in Bangalore who gave a cooking demonstration of fish and other seafood dishes.

Before I left the event, I went back to the food court and served myself with stuffed crab. The crab was good, it thought of buying another but then I changed my mind. Instead I took away a buttered-breaded prawn from Prawn Crunch for my snack when I arrive home.

prawn crunch buttered-prawn

However, that prawn was not able to reach my home since I feast on it while I was on the car.

Read more about Mathsya Mela here and here.

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