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Dec 21


Chocolate Fudge

Not long ago, I tried the Chocolate Fudge recipe in Nestle Milkmaid can’s suggested recipe, and till this moment, I’ve made it for the third time. So, if you happen to spot a condensed milk can while you are grocery or if you are just planning to make a quick, easy dessert, then try this recipe and for sure it will become a favourite recipe.

For those who do not have the Nestle Milkmaid Chocolate Fudge recipe, I’ll copy it for your reference, you can use any brand of condensed milk.


Nestle Milkmaid’s Chocolate Fudge


1 tin (400g) Nestle Milkmaid Sweetened Condensed milk ( any brand of condensed milk will do)

½ cup (60g) powdered sugar

¾ cup (40g) cocoa powder

1 cup walnuts, coarsely chopped (you can also use cashew, peanuts, or almonds)

100 g butter

2 tablespoon maida (flour)


  1. Mix all the ingredients, except walnuts, in the karahi (wok) and heat.
  2. Cook on slow fire till mixture thickens and starts moving in a mass (soft ball stage). Stir in the walnuts.
  3. Pour onto a greased plate/tray and smoothens the surface. Cool and cut into 2” squares.

Makes 16 squares.

If all will not be consumed immediately, store in a plastic container and put in the fridge. It can be stored for 5-7 days but for sure it won’t last that long, mine didn’t  🙂

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