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Feb 24


UPDATE: A Disappointment from French Loaf 02/26/2011

While passing by HSR Layout the other day, I saw that a new branch of The French Loaf has opened. I stopped my car and decided to give myself some treats and also to see what they offer.

When I entered, I saw that there where several tables where customers can sit and enjoy their goodies but I preferred to indulge mine at home. I ordered few of the pastries which my eyes approved.

french loaf plain roacher
This has become my instant favorite. The French Loaf plain roacher is nothing but simply a meringue but this one has the creaminess of milk. I got a small bag of it which I think was more than 20 pieces for a price of Rs.55.

The chocolate reve is just chocolatey good, not bad for Rs 38 a slice.

The almond tart was not good to be taken home. The crust has become hard to bite and it was falling into pieces. Although the fillings is still yummy, the crust has just turned me off.

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