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May 28


My homemade red wine

When a friend gave me more than a kilo of red grapes, the first thing that came to my mind was to make those dark red grapes into wine. I love wine and I’ve tried once of making my own wine last year, though not really much of a success but it turned out well. So, I thought that this time, I would make an improvement with my wine-making, and alas, it was a big improvement, the color, the smell, and the taste, it’s much better than the cheap wine I buy from the liquor shop.


The homemade red wine stored in a glass jar during final stage of fermentation.

Out of the more than a kilo of red grapes, I was able to bottle 3 red wines and 2 white wines. The red wine was from the blended juice and skin of grapes, while the white was from the juice of the pressed grapes. I gave a bottle of red wine to the friend who gave me the grapes.


This glass of deep-red wine is an improvement from my previous attempt of wine-making.

I have not included the pictures of the white wine as I am waiting that the color of it may still improve. Due to lack of proper container for fermentation, the wine’s color has become a little bit brownish because of oxidation. Although the taste and smell are already good, I still hope that it will improve its color more. I’ll post the picture in a few months, when I would think that it would not improve anymore.

At the moment, I am waiting that the grape season comes, maybe I could make a few kilos of grapes to a much better wine next time. For the meantime, I’ll enjoy my glass of red wine. Cheers!

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