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May 19


The little, young chefs have reached  Indian television last night and those kids are absolutely brilliant. Junior Masterchef Australia has debuted yesterday on Star World with Gary, George, and a new lady judge Anna Gare.

Matt Preston will join in the next episode.

The 50 kids contestants, aged 8 to 12, battled it out in the kitchen for the top 12 spots. The kids were divided in batches and on the first episode, two batches cooked. The first batch cooked international food and 4 kids went to grab the final spots. The second batch cooked dessert and another 4 kids went to the final 12.

Although there were misses in the dishes, the judges were extra nice on their comments. Overall, only tears of joy were shed.

I can’t believe that these young kids can produce such good and beautiful dishes. Here, kids are not even allowed in the kitchen much more cooking on their own. I wonder if there would be a Junior Masterchef India? I don’t think so.

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