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Apr 13

jamie oliver

I have been a great fan of Jaime Oliver, a chef, a TV personality, and a food revolutionist for school. I always watch his show in Travel and Living and have tried many of his recipes which are always a success. My favorite was his recipe of oven-roasted whole chicken with veggies.

Oliver had been an advocate of changing the food in school. In most studies, US students eat lunches that are high on fat. Jaime Oliver is changing that through his TV show, Food Revolution. Although in some school districts, he is not allowed to televise his contribution to these schools, this does not stop him. It just shows that Jamie Oliver’s aim of making school lunches healthy is for real, not only for reel.

It’s odd that in countries like here in India, many students do not have food so they do not go to school. Although I’ve read about some organizations which facilitate feeding program for students, I hope that there will be more and more people who will eradicate hunger in India, specially for poor students, so that they can focus in studying.

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