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Jul 19


Pasta is one of my favorite ingredients. I usually use spaghetti but for a change, a fusilli or penne are great too. I occasionally cook lasagna, only when there are friends and guests around but for every day meal, a spaghetti or fusilli always comes handy and easy to cook.

Last night, I had some prawns I bought last weekend, so I thought a fusilli pasta with tomato sauce would be a great dinner. I also made a garlic bread stick as a side for the pasta.

As for the sauce, I just blanched the tomatoes and skinned them. I didn’t process them in the processor, just cut them in big. The tomato sauce had some chunk of tomato which is just a perfect partner of the prawns.  While the sauce was simmering, I popped into the oven the bread sticks which was smothered with garlic butter. For the garlic butter, I grated a piece of garlic to the softened butter and mixed them. Just in time my pasta sauce was ready so as the garlic bread.

I still have my homemade white wine, so a glass of white wine, few garlic bread, a mountain of fusilli pasta with tomato sauce and prawns  and a Japanese cartoon movie, Arriety, for entertainment made my evening complete.


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