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May 17


Since I bought my Kenwood breadmaker, I rarely have store-bought bread. Making bread with the breadmaker is as easy as ABC. With the basic ingredients of egg, milk, flour, sugar, salt, and yeast, I can easily have a freshly baked brioche in just more than 3 hours without using my oven and making my hands dirty.

If you don’t have a breadmaker and wonder how it works, here it is:


The breadmaker has a booklet of basic bread recipes, using that booklet, follow the recipe of your chosen type of bread. Put the ingredients in thr breadmaker basket; wet ingredients first followed by dry ingredients. Make a shallow hole on the flour and put the yeast there.


Place the basket to the breadmaker, close the lid, and input the program, crust type, and weight, then press start. The display will show how long it will take to bake the bread. There are 3 steps in the process of making bread but you do not have to worry because after you close the lid and press start, you can leave and come back when the baking is over. No need to knead the dough as kneading, resting, and baking happen in the breadmaker.

When the timer hits 00, it will make sound to inform you that baking is over and bread is ready.


With a baking gloves, take the basket from the breadmaker. Then remove the bread from the basket and let it cool for some time before keeping it.

I always have a slice of freshly baked bread every time I bake. I like the crispy crust and warm bread

. You can also bake the bread while you sleep and get up with a fresh and warm bread. My breadmaker has a program in which you can put the ingredients at night and program the breadmaker to bake the bake before the time you get up so it will be ready the next morning. When using that program, you need to follow a recipe that doesn’t require milk and eggs. By the way, you only not make sandwich bread with the breadmaker but also perfect dough for pizza, bread rolls and others.  

So, if you are a bread lover or cannot have breakfast without bread, getting your own breadmaker is worth it.

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