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Feb 28

Last week, when I attended the fish festival, I also bought a kilo of frozen fish fillet. That night, I didn’t have enough of the seafood I had in the event and I still crave for more. I decided to cook the fish fillet I bought from the Matshya Mela.



I prepared pan-grilled fish fillet marinated in lemon juice and olive oil with mashed potato and coleslaw.

I thought of preparing the traditional fish and chips but I decided to go for a healthy choice, so instead of dipping the fillet in the batter and deep-frying it, I just marinated the fillet and pan-fried it in a tablespoon of butter and some olive oil. It was so delicious. The fish juices were intact as it wasn’t dry and I was able to savor the flavor. The olive oil added more flavor to the fish.

At the side were mashed potato and coleslaw. I was thinking of making french fries to partner with my fish but since I was not deep-frying the fish, I didn’t want to spend so much oil. I ended making a mash potato, it was easier that cooking French fries after all.

And for the coleslaw, I remembered eating in Thulp where I liked the coleslaw. I just thought how it was so based on what I saw and tasted in Thulp, I just copied it.

I will share the recipes of the pan-fried fish fillet, mashed potato, and coleslaw in my next posts. Enjoy!

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