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Jun 28


I have been wanting to bake a perfect cake and have actually been trying for several times with much failure and waste of ingredients. Until recently I saw an episode from Rachel Allen Bakes in TLC which showed baking of chocolate vanilla marble cake. I thought it was easy to make but considering that I don’t have the regular oven, I was quite nervous of trying it. I use my griller/oven for all my roasting, baking, and reheating. With no proper weighing scale to measure my flour and sugar and no proper oven, I still gave it a go.

I followed the recipe which I noted while watching Rachel Allen Bakes, though I also found the same online. While mixing the ingredients, I was quite happy to see that the consistency of the flour mixture was quite the same as to what I saw when Rachel made it.  After 45 minutes of baking, I was delighted to see that my chocolate vanilla marble cake looks the same to Rachel’s.

To my amusement, I took the picture from Rachel Allen’s site to compare to my cake. They basically look the same, right?


Rachel Allen’s Vanilla Marble Cake

chocolate-marble-cakechocolate vanilla marble cakemarble cake

My own chocolate vanilla marble cake using Rachel Allen’s recipe

After it cooled down, I though that the cake was quite bare, so I thought of topping it with an icing. I used this recipe I found on the net for the vanilla icing. I didn’t have icing sugar so I just grind the regular sugar using the grinder but I think I didn’t grind it enough. The icing was quite good but the icing sugar was quite grainy. Now I know that next time I have to use real icing sugar.

Well, the cake was fluffy and yummy. Not bad for my first time successful baking. 🙂

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