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Jan 16


Along the residential houses and sometimes beauty parlors and some software offices in Jakassandra Road, Koramangala, hidden a sweet treat, Mamamia! Gelato.  Driving along the road, it would go easily unnoticed, maybe the location is not really good, as it is quite hidden, however, the ice cream flavors are really yummy.

mamamia-gelato-ice-cream-bangalore02 mamamia-gelato-ice-cream-bangalore03

I love to try new flavors, and Mamamia! just really gives those flavors that you would normally not get in a typical ice cream shops. In my several visits, I had the flavors of mojito, baileys, Irish coffee, tiramisu, and triple chocolate. The fun part of visiting Mamamia! Gelato is the taste-test of all the flavors of ice cream before you buy your scoop. They have ice cream for all types of people, like those who are calorie-conscious and lactose intolerant, Mamamia! has no-cream-no-milk strawberry gelato. They also have low-fat gelato for those who are dieting. And of course, for those who want some kick in their gelato, pick either tiramisu, baileys, or mojito. For those who are feeling sleepy but needed to stay awake, have a scoop of Irish coffee. And of course, for those who are fruit lovers, Mamamia! definitely will give you a treat.

By the way, this is not a paid review or write-up. I just want to share my gelato experience with you. Mamamia! has not extended any rupees nor free gelato (how I wish :p).

I read some bad reviews about Mamamia! Gelato in Koramangala, near Jyoti College, pointing out the unfinished place and AC. FYI, that shop is closed and as far as I know, the only shop in Koramangala is in Jakassandra Road near Raheja Residency.

Have you tried the ice cream in Mamamia!? Well, drop me a buzz, let me know how’s your experience.


3 Responses to “Coming Back for more Mamamia! Gelato”

  1. Mohan Rao
    2:54 am on February 1st, 2012


    I tried contacting you through the contact form. It is throwing up error. Please check.

    I wanted to get in touch with you. Is it possible to mail a reply so as to continue the conversation?


  2. admin
    5:15 am on February 1st, 2012

    Hi Mohan,

    Thanks for informing me about my contact form.
    By the way, I tried to send you an email but it’s sending a failed delivery message. Is your email address correct?

  3. Mohan Rao
    6:44 am on February 12th, 2012

    Can you try again?

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