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Apr 26
chocolate custard topped with strawberries

chocolate custard topped with strawberries

Before summer officially comes, strawberry season must precede, and I must horde boxes of strawberries to be stocked in the fridge and to be eaten all throughout the day. Though strawberry-and-cream is classic and one cannot have enough, I thought of other ways to consume strawberries. I know that chocolate and strawberries go well together so I recently prepared Chocolate Custard topped with fresh Strawberries. I can tell you that it was divine and a perfect finish to a good meal.

chocolate custard topped with strawberries

The secret for a delicious chocolate custard is the chocolate. Go for a good quality bittersweet dark chocolate. You only need two ingredient to make a custard. A bit of butter and chopped chocolate bar. Cook in a low heat until dissolved. If you over-cooked a little, just add few drops of water and stir again. Once the consistency is right, that means it’s thick but still runny, then place in individual ramekins and cool in fridge. Topped with freshly diced strawberries. If you want more chocolatey, drizzle with some more chocolate syrup. Enjoy!

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