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Mar 7

The frozen basa fish fillet I bought from Mathsya Mela was made into a very beautiful, delicious, and very healthy dishes. The first dish I made of was pan-fried fish with mashed potato and coleslaw, and the recipe of that dish I shared in my previous post. After few days, I cooked the remaining fish, I cooked it the same way I did in the other dish but this time, I paired it with spaghetti pasta tossed in olive oil with coriander leaves.  It was superb! Fish and Pasta  

Mar 3

As promised from my last post of the pan-grilled fish fillet with mashed potato and coleslaw, I am sharing my recipe of this healthy meal.   Pan-Grilled Fish Fillet Basa Fish Fillet   1 fish fillet (any fish you prefer, I had basa fish from Mathsya Mela event) lemon juice olive oil salt and pepper butter Procedure: Wash the fish and pat with kitchen paper. Rub with salt and pepper. Mix olive oil and lemon juice and pour over the fish. Leave for 15 mins. Heat the pan, put a tablespoon... 

Feb 22

The visit to the fish festival, Mathsya Mela 2011, was not only a feast for the eyes but also for the stomach.  Upon arrival to the event, the big food court was the first stop for the eager visitors as we were led by the sweet smelling seafood aroma that escaped from the entrance of the food court. I couldn’t resist myself as I came prepared, I did not have my lunch before going to the fish festival even it was already past noon. As I entered the huge place surrounded by food stalls that...