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Feb 27

It’s been awhile since I had homemade meatballs so I thought of making one this weekend. I prepared the meatballs and freeze them. Tonight, I fried several meatballs and toss them in the spaghetti with tomato sauce. So, Monday night is spaghetti and meatballs night 🙂  

Jul 19

Pasta is one of my favorite ingredients. I usually use spaghetti but for a change, a fusilli or penne are great too. I occasionally cook lasagna, only when there are friends and guests around but for every day meal, a spaghetti or fusilli always comes handy and easy to cook. Last night, I had some prawns I bought last weekend, so I thought a fusilli pasta with tomato sauce would be a great dinner. I also made a garlic bread stick as a side for the pasta. As for the sauce, I just blanched the tomatoes... 

Apr 28

I made my own version of pasta carbonara without egg and heavy cream, and bacon. Since bacon is not really popular in India, I cooked my usual pan-grilled chicken to partner my pasta carbonara. Try my pasta carbonara with pan-grilled chicken recipe and tell me how it is. It’s so simple and cheap. PASTA CARBONARA Ingredients: 250 gms long pasta (spaghetti) 1 medium onion, chopped 2 cloves garlice, chopped 1 teaspoon flour cheddar cheese, grated 1 cup milk salt and pepper Procedure: 1. Boil... 

Mar 12

I got this mini pizza base in the French Loaf last time I went there and since I love pizza, I thought of making really beautiful mini pizza.  I don’t have this big oven, just a small one, but it is enough for baking pizza. I usually make my own pizza instead of buying one. I think the last time I went to  a pizza house was one year ago. Anyways, let’s for back to  our mini pizza. It’s really easy to make. I decided to make assorted toppings mini pizza. Ingredients: 12 pieces... 

Mar 7

The frozen basa fish fillet I bought from Mathsya Mela was made into a very beautiful, delicious, and very healthy dishes. The first dish I made of was pan-fried fish with mashed potato and coleslaw, and the recipe of that dish I shared in my previous post. After few days, I cooked the remaining fish, I cooked it the same way I did in the other dish but this time, I paired it with spaghetti pasta tossed in olive oil with coriander leaves.  It was superb! Fish and Pasta