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Feb 27

It’s been awhile since I had homemade meatballs so I thought of making one this weekend. I prepared the meatballs and freeze them. Tonight, I fried several meatballs and toss them in the spaghetti with tomato sauce. So, Monday night is spaghetti and meatballs night 🙂  

Feb 26

Whenever my laziness overcomes me, a trip to Delicacy in Koramangala saves me from hunger. Delicacy is a small restaurant on the 4th Block in Koramangala that especializes on Chinese, Thai, Singaporian, and Malay noodles and vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.   My favorite is the Malaysian noodles, which is a flat noodles with dark brown sauce mixed with chicken and vegetables. Another regular pick is the crispy chicken. Momos and dumplings are really good too. A must-try is the crispy chopsuey. ... 

Feb 24

Last weekend was fried food night, says who? says me :D, and since I got squid from the market that day I decided to cook calamari and french fries. I added some beer in the batter for the calamari since I saw a left over beer in the fridge. Here’s the recipe for my crispy calamari: Squid (cleaned and cut in ringlets ) salt and pepper for seasoning For batter: In a deep bowl, whisk till fully combined the following: 1 egg, 1 cup beer, 1 cup flour, salt and pepper, dried herbs. Add beer or...