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Jun 28

I have been wanting to bake a perfect cake and have actually been trying for several times with much failure and waste of ingredients. Until recently I saw an episode from Rachel Allen Bakes in TLC which showed baking of chocolate vanilla marble cake. I thought it was easy to make but considering that I don’t have the regular oven, I was quite nervous of trying it. I use my griller/oven for all my roasting, baking, and reheating. With no proper weighing scale to measure my flour and sugar... 

Jun 22

As I was searching for the recipe of a beef stew today, I noticed the several options on the left side of the browser. Google has given users the options to refine recipe searches from ingredients, cook time, and calories. I say that these are great search tools addition by Google as the users will be able to refine searches according to our own liking. Haven’t seen it? Try it now, just go to, and search for any recipes you like and you’ll see results like this one below: